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Staging Your Home

Staging Your Home


Before your house goes up on the market, it’s my job to prepare it to be sold. We want to make sure that all of the great features about your home will catch the eyes of a potential buyer.


What can we do to draw a buyer in? Are there any small details that we could improve? Perhaps a new coat of paint, or some lawn work? These small things can really make a huge difference to a buyer.  What will stand out?  What will catch their eye?  These are all important questions that I will be able to address. 


When someone walks into your home, will they be able to see themselves in it? I will be able to recommend some tips and tricks that can make this happen. I can go through the house room by room and suggest what choices will be the right ones, the ones that will have the buyer imagining themselves in what very well could be their new home.


Staging a home is a crucial step that can sometimes be overlooked.

Taking the Extra Steps